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Trouble with pointing to domain name registered through GoDaddy

I am having trouble with my website that I created in webflow.

I purchased the domain on GoDaddy and I followed the instructions to point the webflow site to that domain.

Right away it seemed to be working fine, but now about 20% of the time when I pull up the domain name, a GoDaddy page pops up instead of my website and shows something along the lines of “register & build a site with GoDaddy”

Anyone else ever have this problem? Is it something wrong I did in Webflow or is something wrong on Godaddy’s end?

Hi @craigleren, thanks for your post, I am sorry to hear about the custom domain trouble. I did take a look at the public DNS records, and it seems you have one extra A Record for Go Daddy in the DNS records that need to be removed:

Once you remove the offending A Record on the DNS settings, it should work ok :slight_smile:


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