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Is Webflow my tool?

Is Webflow my tool?

Hi there.

I still don’t give up the Idea of finding a NoCode-Solution that fits for me.

I want to build a website for me where my costumers can login, and do some management in the Database I created for them.
The Database is “excessively” relational, means the content you type in somewhere, shows up on other spots instantly. Thats the main Goal of the app: Showing provided information in a very smart way.
(SQL-Coding is no problem at all, if needed)

If thats possible, here is the nextone:
I’d like to Selfhost this site, so I know that I can export the code.
What is needed on Serversite? What Database-Server is needed?

If the App is running on my server, and I make a Design-Update, I just have to update the html/css on the Server right?
But how about the Database? What if I change something on the Database (eg adding a field, or worse: Changing a field: How can I import into my Server without crushing the productive Database?

And the Lastone would be a Candy: Is it possible to connect to an external NIS for User-Credentials?
I’d like to run all this into a cloudron, where my costumers already have Credentials for, to gear this services easely.

If all of this is possible with Webflow, with less work than code in all myself…

I’m curios.
Thanks a lot in advance


Unfortunately, you won’t get past your first requirement in this list with Webflow alone. A login system will require custom coding or implementing a solution like Memberstack. There are some examples on this forum of people doing that but I’m not so sure this will fit your other requirements.

It’s been a little while since I used it but AppDrag may be a little closer to what you’re after - though you’ll probably have to put more effort in on the website side of things, and there will still be code but maybe not as much and maybe the databases feature may help you out more.

I’m not sure exactly what you’re trying to build but it sounds complex enough for me to say you may struggle to find something no code for this. Low code maybe, and potentially utilising some of the deep PaaS capabilities of some of the more advanced cloud platforms as it sounds like you may not have much architecture/engineering assistance.

The main point though, Webflow may struggle with all of this - it’s good for creating a UI you can build upon though.