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I am planning to build a community based website where people can log in and enter information. I will need them to be able to input and retrieve informations from a database.
Before starting the project I was wondering if webflow would allow me to do such thing or if there is other available option. I’m not a developper, I can do some HTML / CSS but PHP / Mysql is too much for me to handle so I’m trying to find alternative solution.
So I’m just wondering if it’s possible to do this on webflow and if it is, how so ?

Thanks in advance for your replies :slight_smile:

You’re talking about a pretty large back-end for this type of site, so this isn’t something you could achieve with Webflow alone. You’d likely need to enlist the help of a developer or development firm, but you could build the front-end in Webflow!

That’s what I was thinking. I was hoping I could do the whole thing using webflow but I guess I’ll just work on the front end.
I guess then I can just export it and find a developper.
Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Fast answer: No

Better answer: Yes

  • A community is not a website. It’s an application.

  • Webflow is primarily for Designing simple Responsive Websites.

  • The CMS can provide some “database like features”
    ---- but not enough for what you need.

If you use Webflow to Design your Product (like I do)

  • then export it
  • this would allow you to “put in the guts” of your Product.

I am a Developer.

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I could help you. Over at Cloudrocket we’ve got ample experience with integrating Webflow with a back-end system for such purposes.

Yes, that’s what I have been doing if I need membership features - build frontend in Webflow, export and integrate with Wordpress and host elsewhere.

You can see how frontend was done here, and in the comments you can find the live site with Wordpress membership system.

Thanks for all of your answers, I had a bit of hardware issues so I couldn’ t log in the last few days. I’m gonna take try to find some developper for the back end part. Thanks all !

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