Is Webflow good option for my idea?

Hi all!

I’m thinking of using webflow for my front-end part but I’m not sure if I will get everything what I want for a reasonable price.

My idea is to build a subscription based package where user will login and pay, hence something like stripe has to be possible as well.
User will login to pick a topic, then subpage will open, and user will select another option.
Then based on filters user will select graphs and tables will appear.
For these graphs and tables to work, I will have to connect to a database (most probably on railway app) to query what user will select.

That’s the general idea, can anyone clarify if the database and querying will work?
I expect to have around 100 users at the same time who can query several times on the same page.

In general when you want more interactive app-style interfaces with some UX logic involves, database queries, etc. your best path in Webflow is to pair it with Wized + Xano.

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With Webflow natively, absolutely not.

1) The Common Pattern

The common pattern is to separate concerns with Webflow. Split it up between the application, and everything else.

The latter (everything else) being Webflow. Blog, website, marketing pages, lead gen, forms, amazing designs, animations & interactions, etc.

The former (the application) being something other than Webflow.

People usually split those up by domain.

Webflow site:

That all said, the line is starting to blur.

2) DevLink

You have Webflow’s recently announced DevLink. This will allow you to take the components you build in Webflow, bind and use them in a React app.

It’s not yet available, but looks exciting.

3) Memberstack

This is the venerable integration that get’s you as close as possible, today, without a ton of custom coding or specific domain knowledge.

This third party solution is very mature and popular with Webflowers.

Here is an advanced example of integrating Memberstack authentication with AWS services and glueing that together with Make (Integromat):

It’s easy to lean on the Webflow CMS, and move that data around with Webflow Webhooks. A popular approach is to store your data in Airtable or Google Sheets.

4) Wized

Wized is the more advanced, not for the weak-at-heart folks who want to use Webflow.

It’s not publicly available, invite only. I have access, it rocks, but it’s very advanced.

For what you’re asking for, your best approach is option number 1.

Use Webflow for all of the non-application work (many benefits to this), and use another solution for the application that allows you to take advantage of Railway.

Hope that helps!