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Why on Earth would some one buy the WebFlow hosting?

It seems way more limited than most external hosting Sollutions like hostgator or GoDaddy. IF you’re not into CMS, I just don’t see the point of it. With only a limited number of site visits (What happens when you cross that ? ) and I can have a only a limited number of form submissions(Cant I just use an external form )

Because its quick, secure and an awesome platform. Good luck if you want to export and upload via FTP. If you are getting a very limited number of site visits - what are you building it for?

Apples and oranges. Compare the hosting features, then add up the costs to acquire them on your own. You can’t touch the price. At least you can have the option to export.


So GoDaddy isn’t secure awesome or quick ?

What’s there in setting it up. I guess for the uninitiated it could be a bit daunting but I do know how to code , I’m a software engineer. I’m considering Webflow since it seems so much more easier

Hi @007

What is your initial use case for your project(s)?

Maybe with a bit more information your answers can be clearly defined.

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So I’ve been building sites for a few clients with adobe Muse, even though Muse has reached its EOL, I’ve still been using it. Now I think it’s time to throw in the towel.

My clients are mostly fashion designers and the previous Adobe sites I’ve built for them were integrated with Shopify. I don’t want to leave Shopify as that’s what my clients are comfortable with and it works the best in my country.

How would you suggest I go forward with webflow ?


Godaddy is most def not awesome.

If you are a coder then why did you use Adobe Muse? I used that for ages and it was a WYSIWYG platform which had a stack of floors. The whole point of webflow is that its the perfect mix between the 2. Once you get the steep learning curve, it means you can create sites without them ‘breaking’ due to 3rd party widgets conflicting and you can see exactly what it looks like.

Your original question was ‘why would you buy the hosting?’ - without it you’d need to export and ftp the site for every single change. Yes you can do it, but you’d be mad to, in order to save a few quid.

I still don’t understand why you wouldn’t get much traffic? Unless its for demo purposes, surely the idea of any website is to generate traffic? Especially if it has a shop! (I’ve used ecwid for e-commerce and it integrates well via their custom code but the webflow e-commerce is inches away from being the main go to)

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you’re comprehending it all wrong.

I know how to code as in I was taught how to code but that doesn’t mean I enjoy it or particularly like it. I’ve graduated as a Software Engineer, This is a tool which does the job much faster and you don’t really need a huge team as you would if you were using Django Bootstrap angular or any other coding routes. Thats the reason I went. with muse back in 2012 I think. Its the same reason I want to go with Webflow right now. I’m all for the steep learning curve, muse was a little too vanilla for my taste.

Hosting is not just a few quid where I come from and more importantly they don’t have restrictions like the number of visits or the number of submissions the way Webflow does, I don’t really like it since it makes you feel you’re locked inside a system.

I didn’t say anything about not getting much traffic what I meant was that when you do get more traffic Webflow hosting puts a restriction that caps you at 25000 visits among other restrictions imposed.


Hi @007 :slight_smile: Just to clarify this point, Webflow does not shut down your site or charge you any overages if you go beyond the monthly unique visitor limit. Instead, if you are consistently going over the limit, we’ll email you asking if you can upgrade your site plan. If you go over the 1million unique visitor limit consistently, we’ll congratulate you (because that is a great milestone to achieve) and ask you to talk to our team about a more fair site plan for you.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


While I do think you will get the most from Webflow, it still lacks some raw features. However, with some know-how and ingenuity (which you said you are a coder by trade), you can build out yourself a fully responsive webflow site, eliminate the Muse junk code and still have it function using Shopify.

The only thing you will need to do is use the Shopify plugin from Currently, they are the only ones that have both a Shopify and WP plugin to use with Webflow.

When you build in Webflow you can then export the raw code from Webflow and import it into Shopify or WP with the plugins and then just make your connections within each respective program.

I hope that helps you in your thinking process.

Happy Designing!

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Could you please better define “consistently”?

I have a website I want to move on Webflow. On a monthly basis averages 80k visitors, but 2-3 months per year it goes over.

Another question that is pricing related: I want to embed a 3rd party service to collect emails. If a user signs in using that 3rd party tool, does it count as a form submission? I suppose that the answer is no, but I prefer to be sure.

Thanks for your time.

Hi Luca.

Your site will be fine on Webflow w/ 80k users, (that’s awesome!) and using the 3rd party embed to collect emails will not count against you.

I totally understand where you’re coming from, and if it’s just a basic static site you’re better off just hosting with something free like Netlify and make edits through Github repo.

The issue I kept running into was editing. It’s easy, but just so inconvenient to make edits outside of Webflow, and the $10-20 hosting is still a REALLY good price. Especially if the clients can make edits themselves for simple things. I kept trying to save money by not hosting on Webflow, but, honestly, it just ended up costing me more.

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I preview in Webflow and export and upload via FTP on a daily basis and it works 100% fine - I don’t “need” CMS and as my clients in the main have already bought hosting they don’t “need” to move. Why do people on these forums have to be so aggressive when someone asks a simple question that goes against their “views”?


Amen! I’ve never understood it either. It’s like when someone doesn’t believe in God, but HATES him so much!

Agreed. Webflow hosting prices are actually pretty solid. It’s just so darn convenient.

If cost was the biggest issue anyway, why not host everything on Netlify with free hosting.

When you pay $2 for bluehost you get what you pay for.

If I do Webflow even at the $16/$20 because the client can edit stuff it saves me so much money. Although, it’s a big sell for Webflow, but what I have found is most clients could really care less about the client editor. They would still like someone else to just do it for them :pensive: