Is Webflow Ecommerce Suitable for a fashion store?


I am due to start designing an ecommerce site in Webflow for a new fashion brand.

Having researched Webflow Ecommerce I have a few questions before I decide whether to go with it or look elsewhere.


The shop will have over 50 products to start with and each product will have 5 sizes, 5 colours and 3 cuts.

  1. Does this mean 650 items will have been used?
  2. As the shop grows and adds more products it looks like the 3,000 item limit (for the Advanced Plan) will be reached before I even hit 300 products?
  3. Is there any work arounds?

Customer Accounts:

  1. I know memberships are in beta, with no real launch date ( I applied for beta but haven’t heard anything) however, there has been no mention of customer accounts being available for ecommerce to track order history, change address and payment details.
  2. The shop will be based in the UK, will any user account be GDPR compliant?


  1. Is Shippo available to link up the UK merchants for shipping and label printing?

It is worth noting I do love creating websites in Webflow, however, if the ecommerce platform can’t match my client’s needs I should be considering other platforms.

Is there any integrations that could make this all work?

Many thanks,


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Hi Scott.
Josh with Foxy here. We’ve already been chatting via email. But for anyone else with similar needs/issues, Foxy can help:

Please don’t hesitate to send us details on your specific use case and we’ll do our best to get you pointed in the right direction: