Is there any way to combine multiple collections in one collection and filter, sort, paginate data?

Hello Webflow masters,

I have multiple categories as above image and in “View All”, all type of posts will be shown.

I have already created a collection of blog posts for my blog page and I want to use same collection by filtering featured blogs in my new page.

Now, I want to show all types of posts (Like Featured blogs, Webinars, Industry reports, Customer stories, Guides & more) in my new page and I also have pagination and sort by latest date functionality in that page.

I will have separate collections for different categories. Is there any way to merge multiple collections in one collection and filter, sort and paginate it?

Please let me know if there is any alternate way to manage it.

Thank you

If you have a collection for your posts and one for the categories, referenced in the posts collection, you can use a tab element and place a differently filtered collection list in each tab content.

If you really want to merge collections and apply a filtering system, use @Finsweet Attributes to merge and filter Attributes by Finsweet

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combining collections using the attributes by finsweet is definitely possible, like Vincent mentioned above.

Here’s the link to what i used: CMS Combine - Combine multiple Collection Lists to one Collection List

however, I’m also wondering how can i implement the pagination for this, any workaround?