How to combine 2 CMS collections

I have created 2 CMS collections (Blog & Success stories) and I want to show latest 2 blogs & 1 success stories on my home page (Resources section at the bottom), but when I add collection it only allow to choose a “Blog or Success stories” (Now I am using only blogs in this section) but I need both. Is there any way to combine both.

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Thank you in advance

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You’ll use two collection lists.
If you need to merge the contents in some way, you may need to write some custom javascript for that, or Finsweet’s CMS combine could do the trick for you;

The common approach is to use a collection list and then add a (multi)reference field on those two collections, linking them together.

Adding collection list elements, with the correct settings should get you what you need and have the association it sounds like you’re looking for.

Could you expand on what the correct settings would be? I am not familiar with the use of multireference fields.

I am in a similar situation. I have a blog CMS and a podcast CMS set up (they have slightly different layouts, hence why I needed to make them separate). I want a page with thumbnails and titles for all the blogs and podcasts. Ideally I want them combined in one large list and sorted in order of the date on the blog/podcast.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!