Combining 2 CMS collections

Hi! I’ve been using Finsweet Attributes to combine and filter CMS collections on my Webflow project. The current setup concatenates collections in the order of the source collections.

However, I’m seeking assistance in sorting the combined collections based on publication time, independent of their source collection.

Is there a recommended approach or feature within Finsweet Attributes to achieve this?

Hi Olha,

Try using FS Sort, it’s a separate library. I believe it works well with FS Load and FS Filter.

Hello! Sorting combined CMS collections by publication time using Finsweet Attributes involves some additional steps. While Finsweet Attributes itself doesn’t have a built-in sorting feature, you can use Webflow’s Collection List to achieve the desired order.

Here’s a general approach:

  1. Concatenate Collections:

    • Use Finsweet Attributes to concatenate your desired CMS collections.
  2. Create a Wrapper Collection List:

    • Wrap the combined collections in a Collection List on your Webflow page.
  3. Set Up Custom Sorting:

    • In the Collection List settings, choose the ‘Sort’ option.
    • Select a date field (e.g., publication date) for sorting.
    • Choose the order (ascending or descending) based on your preference.

This way, the combined CMS collections will be sorted based on the specified date field, providing the desired chronological order.

Remember to check Webflow’s documentation for any updates or changes to features.

If you have specific details about your setup or face any issues, feel free to provide more information, and I’ll be happy to assist you further!

Could you clarify what the specifics are for the steps after using Finsweet to combine two or more CMS collections?

I am in a similar situation. I have a blog CMS and a podcast CMS set up (they have slightly different layouts, hence why I needed to make them separate). I want a page with thumbnails and titles for all the blogs and podcasts. Ideally I want them combined in one large list and sorted in order of the date on the blog/podcast.

I have them combined (using Finsweet), however they are still kind of staying grouped together. The blogs are in order by date and the podcasts are in order by date, but all the blogs are listed then all the podcasts are listed. I wanted the whole list to be organized by date, letting blogs and podcasts alternate based on date. For example if this was the order of the last five posts I made; blog, podcast, blog, blog, podcast, that’s how I would want them to show up.

I tried wrapping the combined collections in a collection list but I could not figure out how to.

So sorry if this was confusing, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

You’ll need to use FS sort in addition to FS combine.

I haven’t tried that combo, but their docs should cover what you need.
In general, you’d want to make certain that both collection lists contain a date, and that the date in both lists has the same fs-cmssort-field identifier.

You might need a small script to trigger the sort on page load, since you have a default sorting order you want.

Heey- just found a demo & cloneable of this.

Hello! Thank you for responding!

I tried mimicking what they have on the example site and followed the instructions but it still isn’t working for me :slightly_frowning_face: I have attached a read-only link below, could you take a look and see if you find any errors? It would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Maya,

I can see it’s combining the lists well, do you mean the sorting isn’t happening?
Again I haven’t implemented this combination before for any clients.

Main things to check;

  • Make sure you have FS sort installed and setup properly
  • Make sure you have the script excerpt they described to trigger the sort

You should be able to find the issue, but if you get stuck and want help setting this up, I’m wrapping up some project work this week and I’ll have a bit of time next week. You can click my name to message me and I’ll send you details.