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Is there any way I can set the default canvas settings to 1900 x 1080?

Hi guys,

Need help ASAP? How do I set the default canvas settings to 1900px? It’s always returning to 1453 px. I can’t change it even though I toggle between device screens on the top.

The video tutorials didn’t quite answer my question.

Appreciate it guys.


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As far as I am aware, there is no way to change the default canvas sizes. They are set to the settings you seen in the designer. The best you can do is design your site so it scales correctly to a 1900px breakpoint. (such as using max-width: 1900px).

I hope this helps!

Hi sir,

I appreciate your help. I imagine the only way to change the settings is to write some media queries to change the max-width css. I’m scared to write some custom code styles. I don’t want to break something.

It’s strange because my screen is 1900, but my clients website is a different size. I did some research and the pros mentioned you shouldn’t design a website according to a device, but design according to a common size, so some article helped to see that 23% of the population has 1440px. And when I used the developers tools 1453 and 1440 still had everything centered, so I didn’t change anything.

The Developers tools in the browser and other css websites helped out a lot.

I think Webflow is a good product, but I’m not used to it yet. I’m still learning.

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