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Canvas settings changed suddenly from 1165px to 993

Hey Team,

I’m started designing the page with the default canvas size 1165px x 100% but after few hours it’s changed suddenly to 993px x 100px, how will i go back to 1165px canvas by default

Hover over the edge of the screen and click+drag outwards :+1:

Edit: Make sure it’s the inner-most designer canvas

Yes, but still it’s same only

The canvas automatically adjusts the size in some scenarios. The default is 1279px, you can’t change that value.
You are able to set your preferred value every time you enter editor mode but you can’t save it.
Just adjust the width per your needs and there you go.

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I’m not sure I know what you mean unfortunately—as @Marius1989 mentioned, the canvas adjusts its width based on the available size on your monitor—so if done something like changed the browser window size or zoom level the Designer canvas size will change.

If you’re still having issues a screenshot may help illustrate your problem a bit better, but hopefully you were able to get it sorted out.

Please find the screenshot

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Hey there!

Have you tried either 1) hovering your mouse over either the right or left border of the canvas, clicking, and pulling it out. Or 2) clicking on the canvas width in the top bar and typing in a new one?

Both of those techniques should allow you to make the canvas what ever size you need it!

I tried that but again once do the preview it’s going back to 993 only, how to fix by default 1165px

Your canvas looks to be smaller than the available space, so just click+drag the edge (between the white of your site and the grey background) outwards.

That said, you’re designing on the base breakpoint so changes you make on this size will affect browsers sizes between 992 and 1279px. Adjusting the width of the canvas only affects the preview at the shown viewport width :+1:

Got the same problem I don’t know this is the right solution - Change the browser Zoom size below 100% worked for me.