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Is there an option to blog?

Hopefully your job hunting has gone well. I also have an interest in your tutorial.

For anyone looking to do a blog, I would suggest considering a Flat File CMS solution (no db). There are some really great options out there like: or or my personal favorite

this solution allows your site to remain a static site built in webflow, but have a blog feature “implanted” onto a blog page that would be dynamic.

The best way to implement any of these solutions is to create a blank page template in your webflow site that has whatever container you want you blog to live in. Export that code and impose it onto the flat file template page (this will require a bit of coding experience, but its mostly cut and paste work) - this will keep the look and feel identical.

Now, this won’t be the same as having a CMS since there is no “backend” to log into - however the advantages are that there is no Database to maintain (or slow your site down), it can live on that page, and that page alone, and is really easy to set up.

To see an example, I put a blog feature onto: - which is a site I built in webflow first and added the blog feature.

Hope this helps some of you out with wanting a blog feature implemented on your site.



I can also recommend this options that @james mentioned and another nice simple clean tool is Pulsecms

Hi there,

any chance to anyone explain step by step how to integrate for ex. on a webflow website?

i really need to make a website with a blog inside. please help me.

best regards


Hey @studio1118 - I’d really encourage you to explore the documentation on and follow their instructions. You’ll need to do most of it outside of webflow. The main key to make it work is to set the site root (in your php5 or nginx set up) for the blog at the page you create in webflow.

Annnnd as I’m typing this I also realize this may be more technical than you want… but maybe it helps?

Best of luck to you


Thanks for the suggestions James. One question about your wedding website, how did you make the header collapse slightly as you scroll down the page? (sorry to hijack this thread, but I can’t figure that out in webflow)

thanks :slight_smile:

Bit weird to be answering myself, but yes you can if it’s hosted somewhere else - just set the DNS A-record for to point to the IP address where you have your blog hosted. This of course won’t inherit the design from your webflow page - it will be contained in a completely different system.

Hey @Karl_M - that particular site is an export to WP conversion and the header change wasn’t built in webflow. Sorry to leave ya hanging.


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I just signed up. I’m working on integrating a Dropplets blog into my new Webflow site. I plan to export the code from Webflow to create a Dropplets template. I only have 1 site that I’ll be using Webflow for. I just realized that there is a 20 page limit on the plan where I can export the code from. Does each individual blog page count towards this? If so, then this isn’t a viable option. Perhaps I’ll need to export all the code to wordpress. Any advice would be much appreciated!

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Hey @Erica_Schreiber - since the dropplets blog that you create will only live outside of the webflow environment, those pages will not count toward the total. Only the single, blank, blog page will count since it will be created in webflow.

Does that make sense? Hope it works out well for you!


Since my URL ( is pointed to the Webflow servers, and I would install dropplets here, I’m not sure I understand. Or would I need to have Dropplets hosted through another provider?

Hey @Erica_Schreiber - I was going off the assumption that you would be exporting the code from webflow and then hosting it on your server. Currently that would be the only way to make it work.

Essentially you are setting the dropplets root page /blog (or whatever) and without access - you’re not going to be able to make it work on the webflow server.

My recommendation would be to stick to the original plan, build your template in webflow (or entire site and leave a blank div for your dropplets blog), export the code, upload to your server, install dropplets on a sub-folder and set its root to be at the /blog page.

Hope that helps…


Hi Erica,

How did you go with integrating Dropplets with a Webflow theme?
I’m quite interested in seeing it.


Hey @james, sorry to ask, but do you can made some tutorial about it?

I am trying for some days do this blog integration, but i really going crazy about it.
I installed dropplets in a folder called “blog”, remove a multiview line from the .htaccess file … and them i tryied several things without sucess.

Can you help me?


Hey @felps85 - I’ve certainly hit my head against many a wall before finally getting things to work (and knowing why they worked haha) so I’m happy to help.

I’ve been meaning to put a blog on our site for some time now - so, I’ll document the process from webflow, to servers, to implementing the blog, ect. and then publish it all… on the blog (and here of course)

you can sign up for updates, and watch it go up here:

Probably won’t be done till next week though…



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Hey everyone - I haven’t forgotten this, but I did want to get input about the platform I use for it, before I build it.

We have started using the Statamic CMS for our client’s sites - and it has been really easy to translate from a Webflow static site to their platform. Obviously that is a little more involved than just adding a dropplets blog to a webflow site. I’m happy to show how to implement a dropplets blog, but also wanted to see if showing how to take your webflow site and put it on their CMS, which would also give you the blogging feature.

I know not everyone wants or needs a CMS so - feel free to comment and let me know what would be most helpful.



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Great option i think!
You have to buy one license for every site you made in statamic?

Seems more easy to install than joomla, but i am really bad in this matters rs. I will try to learn more! But i hope that webflow made a design blog widget rsssssssss

tks a lot man! And webflow, you are amazing!

I would like a basic tutorial on how t migrate a Webflow export to Statamic. I tried a couple of times but did not got the hang of all things. So a basic step by step so you get a hang of what the different files do and where to put things. The tutorials I found so far did not helped me that much.

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@james !

Are you still updating this page with a tutorial? It would be awesome to see how we can incorporate a blog from dropplets into webflow? And also do you know of a simple way clients could edit those blogs without having to write markup? Making it easy for them in a way where there is no coding involved?

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As a designer/entrepreneur, I need Webflow to have everything (website, blog, eCommerce) in one place. Otherwise, I need to get outside help or spend countless hours troubleshooting integrations and learning code. Wix, Webs, Weebly, Squarespace, Cubender, etc. have done this.

This platform is SO close to perfection for small businesses…