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Is there an option on adding a responsive menu?

How would you add a responsive menu using this great Tool?

Hi @menex, do you mean like the navbar on the Bootstrap home page?

If so, we’ll be adding a native widget soon that you’ll be able to drag on to the page that will have very similar functionality. At the moment, however, there’s unfortunately no easy way to simulate the same behavior.

Please let me know if you meant something else.

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Yes thats exactly what i meant. for now it has to be coded outside of the tool ahh. thank you

I’m missing drop-down menu feature… But it would be awesome if we could make effects affect another object. Like we hover Text Link to show another block (eg. drop-down menu). That feature you wrote above could be designed step-by-step instead of a full, ready-to-use widget.

Since webflow is all about Adaptive Responsive design i feel this is a must for mobile phone navigation @menex @bartekkustra i was able to do this with some custom code see this post for more details

I have completely forgotten about that… I’ve already done it before :wink: