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Responsive collapsible navigation menu bar


Is there any way to create a responsive collapsible navigation menu bar like in Bootstrap?
(like this: )


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At the moment we do not have an entire navbar element with these settings. At the moment you can build your own navbar Adding a fixed navigation bar

But we are planning on adding this kind of navbar with a context menu for smaller devices.

Thanks for the suggestion!


I would be VERY interested in this feature!

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I’ve got the fixed nav bar, but do you know of any examples of webflow sites that someone has hacked in a collapsible mobile nav like the Bootstrap example? It’s well beyond my primitive JS chops to do one, or even ascertain that it could be done with an embed if I could find a code example.


I’m not sure if anyone has tried to work around it.

Calling all web designers - have you tried to force a bootstrap-style menu button on mobile?

I’m actually working on it now, just designing the css in webflow and then exporting to text editor to implement the animations and panel changes. I wish a css element can control another element from webflow so we can create custom menus and cascading drop downs like in this video

Totally @christophertorr that’s something we are planning. :slight_smile: In the meantime there are workarounds.

I’ll try to make it :wink:

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@bartekkustra you da man! slide down to the menu. It’s not exactly what bootstrap is, but it’s fair enough I think :wink:


Just in the nick of time, thanks!

This will be a lovely drag and drop addition to the app :slight_smile:

We have it planned! We hope to release it as soon as we can. :slight_smile:


I’m struggling a little to get it working as bartekkustra illustrates; if ASAP means in a day or two, I’ll go on to other things! But if it means a week or more, I’ll keep plugging away on it - how’s it looking?

So far, you folks are delivering features just ahead of my needs, it’s been pretty amazing!

Awesome @thesergie! This is much appreciated :slight_smile:

This is what I meant. :slight_smile: Sorry for the confusion!

Rats :frowning:

Well, back to the salt mines…