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Menu features, what is available?

I would like to know if webflow can generate dropdown, and accordion menus?

is this possible? anyone accomplish this with embedded html and pure CSS??? any examples would be great on how you did it…

Hi @grquinones-

Are you referring to expandable/collapsable Navigation Menus, or Dropdown fields in Forms?

We have Form Dropdowns already in Webflow – in the Add panel, in the Forms section.

If you are referring to Navigation Menus, and being able to hide the items in an expandable/collapsable ‘flyout,’ we are actually building a Navbar feature right now. It will be pretty simple initially – allowing you to decide which devices you want the menu to be collapsed on, and then displaying a “hamburger” icon that users can click/tap on to have the full menu displayed below it. And of course, it will all be fully style-able as well.

There won’t initially be a way to have each Nav item itself have sub-menus that dropdown below them, if that’s what you were referring to, though. But we will constantly add new tweaks and improvements – and the feature is something we have certainly talked about!

Update: Responsive Navigation menu’s are now in the add panel.


well the hamburger menu will help out for the phone display because it is missing right now… and stacking the the menu item takes up to much space on my landing page for phone… hope to see this soon.

yeah i was wondering the best way to add submenus or a way with the embed… the other is to take into dreamweaver and add but now we are outside of webflow editing

Yes, I’m interested in a mobile menu, accordion, and drop down menu features. Any ETA on the release, and what style of menus would be available for the update?

Hi guys @dagoon79 @phi36nine I am new to WebFlow, but love it so far. I was able to make one of the drop down menus work with some custom code (link to custom CSS code on my own server, and some Javascript) i then had to uses some embedded HTML code for a button. By modifying this mobile menu I was able to get it to work, trying to think of the best way to actually implement it for others to use. If WebFlow simply implemented a way to upload customer CSS files and JavaScript files on the “customer code” section, there could be much more customization for the more advanced users. Here is how it turned out… Drop Down Navigation I will try to think of an easier way to implement or maybe just apply for it to be a new webflow template.

Did it before :wink:

Oh good i looked i just found these threads, so good to know it already out there Thanks

@roarman136 here’s a link to a good example by @pingram3541