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How can i create another dropdown like main menu at nav bar?

Hi, i want to create a button next to hamburger dropdown with same functionality as hbmenu has, i need to put it in my search function to dropdown part, is it possible to create somehow?

You can have two sidebars but I find this solution not easy to deal with.

So what you need is to recreate the interaction of Example 3 here

Once you get the logic, it’s very quick to repeat it.

ok but how can i set that user click not the button then the dropdown get closed and button set back first click step state?

@csdaniel I created a custom drop down/slide out menu and didn’t use the hamburger/nav option at all, I set this menu to appear at hover, but you can change it to click.

have a look at how I did the menu with the interactions. Perhaps you can try what i did.