Replacing images in asset library

Please shout if I am wrong here and being dumb, but here is the scenario:
When I have an image uploaded and being used in the website - then need to make a change to that image.
I make the change, save it with the same file name.

However, if I upload to webflow it makes it a new asset, instead of replacing the current one (with same filename)…

@thesergie are there plans to enable image replacement on upload?

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Yeah i’ve run into this myself many times. We do have plans to make it easier to replace images on the site, so if you replace it in the asset manager it will be replaced on the entire site. This improvement will be included in a broader Asset Manager revamp, but that’s a ways off (maybe next year but not sure).


Looking forward to it, would be a great time saver! Keep up the great work @thesergie !

The option to replace an image would be a huge time saver!
For instance, I now have a client that has changed its color use, so I have to replace all the icons and illustrations.
They have the same size, same name. Scattered across a multitude of divs and pages…

I’ve encounter two different scenarios…

  1. upload creates a new asset instead of replacing

  2. upload replaces an existing asset… even though the asset has nothing to do with the task.
    ie: 2 images on form - replace image #2… image #3 is added and image #1 is deleted
    — so I end up with #2 and #3 instead of #1 and #2. This is frustrating. After a couple attempts it seems to fix itself.
    — I haven’t seen this issue in about 3 weeks though.