Ability to replace an image throughout site

If i have an image (let’s say it’s an icon) that is being used multiple times throughout the website is it not possible to replace all the images at once? I would link that replacing one of them would update all… no?

No, and maybe there’s as much copies of your image than places you’re using it…

The solution for that is to make an image pat of one CSS style. Because if you add an image with the image widget, it’s an HTML call.

So instead of placing an Image widget to call an image, create a div, give it a class name corresponding to your image, set its size accordingly, and add your image as a background of this div. Use it as many time as you want, every time you update the image, it will propagate because it’s declared in the style.

(But if you think it would be cool to have an image manager to pick files from and swap versions, to be able to optimize, you’re right, it would be useful, I need it too)

I’d like this feature as well. Sometimes I’ll optimize images before publishing or notice mistakes and reupload a fixed image. It would be nice to just do it in the asset page and update that one file to change everywhere. I’d even be happy with overwriting an asset if it has the same name.