Is there a roadmap for Webflow in 2015?

Woohoo!!! Sign me up @thesergie :slight_smile: I think I fit in that category :smile: thanks so much :slight_smile: I’m so excited!!!

Thanks Sergie! We are waiting for the drop jaw features. My advise, please stay focus. Don’t jump into the CMS thing.

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Different designers would say there are different things missing to make it the “go-to” product in the space. Everything you pointed out we actually have on our roadmap. Timing and priority for features is always the most important thing for our growth. Thanks for the input! We have it top of mind!


No idea if I’m on that list, but I’d love to be :grinning:

Can’t wait to see what you roll out Sergie!

What you mean is cross-project symbols. It’s been said on this forum for at least 1.5 year that this would be a great addition to Webflow. I wish for this to happen for at least single-user for now. Currently I have a blank project with most of the classes and subclasses I use within projects. That way I have everything organized :)

@thesergie It’s good to hear from you after that long time :) I can’t wait to see what August will bring. If you still need some beta testers I’m willing to help :)


My biggest concern is about the bugs that I see out there , and there is no any update about that …

@lucaspchara Do you have any that you’re experiencing right now? We are pretty good at fixing them as soon as they arise. (the benefits of being a hosted app :smile: )


I’m really in love with webflow and i have not even yet built my first website :smile:
I see it as the holy-grail of drag and drop web design.

Please don’t let me down!

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OK, It’s August… Spill it!


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We all know that programmers need double the time they say… and i believe in The Team of Webflow!!! So guys, no complaining, just sell more sites… host it at Webflow so that they can hire more people!


Yeah there are some things it could never compete with on the level of WordPress: bugs, slow speeds, PHP errors, hacked sites, etc., etc.

And the over abundance of plugins never impressed me about WordPress, nor the over abundance and over-bloated, overly priced themes.

Can I be put on that list too? I’ll take the chances of some bugs to test out new features! My screen-name for the sites is 16peaks.

Great, great, great news!! Finnaly! :smile: After so much time waiting for an integrated solution I’m sure you’ll rock it!!
Finally I won’t have to struggle with wordpress (have I already said that i hate it??.. Oh yeah, I thik so :wink: )
I’m sure you’ll put something amazing out of the hat. It’s the waiting that “kills us”…
August is good, very good :slight_smile:

I’d like that Beta test invite as well!

Regarding communication from developers, I’m not sure what the complaint is. Yes, we have all been VERY patiently waiting for the update but communication and support from the Webflow team is pretty solid. Especially, in comparison to some Wordpress framework/theme providers…that I won’t get specific on here.

I find the blog articles well written and informative…keep them coming. More Webflow tips in the blog would be nice but there is Youtube and tutorials for that as well.

I’m finding Webflow super useful for small business websites where Wordpress was overkill…especially if the business isn’t going to blog.

@thesergie It’s AUGUST now! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What bugs are you talking about? I don’t encounter too many issues with Webflow.

ITT (in this thread):


This is going to be the longest August…