Is it possible to upload data for custom fields using CSV in Webflow e-commerce?

I am trying to upload e-commerce products to my CMS collection that include custom categories using CSV.

  1. I have created 3 custom categories.
  2. Before uploading any products to my site, I clicked “Export” on the top right on the page you see when you click on “E-commerce” then “Products”.
  3. The CSV generated from Step 2 does not include all of the custom categories I have created.
  4. When I try to upload the products using the header row in the CSV generated in step #2/#3, I am able to do so successfully. However, when I try to upload the products using the CSV generated in step #2/#3 PLUS the custom categories, I get an error indicating that there is an issue with the header row. I can confirm that the new custom header row columns in my CSV match the custom category names in Webflow.

Can someone please provide troubleshooting tips? It’s going to be a huge waste of time for me if I have to manually add the data for the custom categories for every product I upload to Webflow. thanks

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