Can I upload custom fields via CSV for Products?

I have a properly formatted product CSV. I also added the custom fields, with the field name as the column header. When I upload the CSV, Webflow’s default product fields will upload but the custom fields remain blank.

Is there are a method to do this correctly?

Hi @dforeman- Glad you’re finding use for the CSV import.

Currently you can’t upload custom fields via the Product CSV Import, that’s why its failing now. We would like to build this soon, though.

You can help us prioritize what to release next by adding and voting for this idea (and others!) in our Wishlist. It’s one of the best ways to move ideas forward!

I’m still having this problem. Even if I export my database and immediately try and re-import, I receive a “Header Row Error”. This is a crucial feature for the buildout of E-Commerce within Webflow. Is there any progress being made? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello there, what the status of this specific features?

After 1,5 years still no solution from Webflow…


Not having this feature has effectively added 4 days of authoring time to a project. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this happen webflow.

This is a disaster!
Why aren’t they warned about this?
Now I have a week of manual data entry :(((((((

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Yes, You can upload custom fields via CSV for products. I have done same tasks in my past application. You can do custom code.

Mod Edit: link removed. Currently, mapping to custom fields is not supported.

Unfortunately, uploading custom fields via the Product CSV Import is not possible. Webflow does not allow full custom Import. Custom fields addition in product catalog settings doesn’t work in Webflow. I hope soon they will enable this feature.

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Ouch! This could derail my project.

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