Import Products - Product Categories Troubleshooting

Hi I am trying to upload our products to Ecommerce CMS and get my site functioning! Except I’m having a few difficulties.

Mainly, I am struggling to upload a product that should be connected to multiple categories. Per this information it seems you should be able to include your categories, comma separated, in your csv. So I tried a very simple test: One product with category: “tea mugs”, One product with category: “others”, and one product with categorIES: “tea mugs”,“others”. In the actual .csv cell, i’ve included tea mugs, others . Again, per the example in that linked help documentation.

However, when I do this, it actually creates 3 categories:
tea mugs
tea mugs, others

So it feels like it is not recognizing the comma separation. Or I’m just doing something wrong? What am I doing wrong with these commas? Or is the help documentation wrong?

Please help!