Adding a non-breaking space

I’d like to add a non-breaking space between two words. Can I edit the code directly in the free plan?

Hi @dremba Welcome to the community! :smiley:

You can just double click inside that text box and press the spacebar again. That should work. Or are you trying to put “user” on the second line? if so, you can press SHIFT+ENTER

hope this helps

Thanks, but shift+enter = UserExperience. Repeating this apparently inserts a line break.

can you provide your read-only link?


I’m looking at the “logo” area in vertical mobile view. I’d like to enter a non-breaking space (between User & Experience). Shift + space makes it look as though I’ve inserted a break. Due to character length experiments, I don’t think that the auto-sizing container is causing this. Any advice? @PixelGeek?

It’s working now. I can’t explain why. Many thanks for your support.

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