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Adding non-breaking spaces to CMS text

My client has gone live with their site and wanted to lengthen their description on one of their products. Because I have this setup via CMS, it is calling text from the collection fields.

I was wondering if there was any way to add formatting to the text as it doesn’t seem to detect HTML and isn’t responding to <br> or &nbsp; - I’ve also tried making this text Rich Text to see if that would help but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Is it possible?

Here is my site Read-Only


Hi Joseph,

I am not entirely sure what you are trying to accomplish, but I just posted about mixing non-breaking spaces (Shift + Space) with CMS content and maybe it will be helpful: link to post.

Also, there is another topic here that mentions the use of Ctrl + Enter to force a line break.

If that doesn’t answer your question, could you please give more details about what you are trying to do?

EDIT: After some playing around with plain text CMS fields, it looks like they strip all Shift + Space and Shift + Enter characters once you save, and Ctrl + Enter doesn’t work at all. So please disregard my above solution. According to this page using a Rich-Text field is the only known workaround at this time.

I’ve tried Rich-Text and using the line break codes in a Rich-Text field and that doesn’t seem to apply on the front end either unfortunately. :frowning:

Which part of the site specifically are you trying to fix? Is it the long text here?

Are you using a Rich-Text block to dynamically insert Rich-Text content into? Have you tried using Ctrl + Enter or just Enter to insert line breaks? It seems to work on my end.

Well I’m a goof. I was using code for my spaces rather than simply using Shift-Enter & Ctrl-Enter. That worked a treat. Thanks so much!

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Because this thread is the first result on Google, I thought I should share: this failure to respect non-breaking spaces in CMS’ Plain Text field is a well-known limitation of Webflow CMS, unfortunately.

A feature request has sat in Webflow Wishlist for 821 days, unfortunately. Please add votes, if possible:

As a follow-up, the CMS Rich Text workaround is not a useful workaround. The CMS Plain Text field is infinitely more versatile than the restrictive, limited Rich Text Field:

  • Plain Text can be used directly inside Link Blocks (!)
  • Plain Text can be infinitely customized with CSS; the Rich Text block has zero typography adjustments, for example

Non-breaking spaces are respected everywhere else in the Designer seemingly, except the required Plain Text Title for every CMS item? Come now, Webflow: these little bugs always begin to pile up until it’s 2023 and this finally gets patched.

We found a workaround for the above use case because, luckily, the arrow symbol is repeated across each link: another inline block that contains 1) a non-breaking space and 2) the symbol. It seems non-breaking spaces are respected across divs.

Still, Webflow should get this fixed. Because non-breaking spaces work everywhere else through the Designer, I’m half-sure it’s a bug and not intended behavior (i.e., feels more like an overly aggressive input sanitization step).

Webflow team, any news about non-breaking spaces?:full_moon_with_face:

unfortunately, @webflow doesn’t live here anymore

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Can someone on the Webflow team talk about plans to populate non-breaking spaces in the CMS text field?:full_moon_with_face:

We are currently working on a big project in which there are product cards with titles that require the use of non-breaking spaces and now the question is whether to use the crutch method with the additional RTB field, or is there a chance that in the near future Webflow will be able to use non-breaking spaces in text fields?

@bro-design In the CMS, do SHIFT-SPACE it worked for me.

It’s works in «Rich text» element, but not in «Plain text»:point_up:

Yep. It’s there and you can do it. Who knows if there will ever be an alternative.

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Webflow team??! Hello?! This is such a basic feature!! WHEN is this added?

This is becoming beyond frustrating. I cannot believe that such a basic feature is lacking support. This is beyond pathetic now, it’s almost mid 2021 and STILL no solution for this that actually works. Webflow is slowly starting to drop the ball in many areas. Too much money, devs get lazy, product gets worse.

I’m constantly getting orphaned text when using the CMS text fields. I cannot use the Rich Text Field workaround because then I cannot style the text properly!

Screen Shot 2021-05-13 at 7.51.11 am

+1 It would be great to have this.

The lack of non-breaking spaces in text fields is a real impediment in French, anyway. Several punctuation marks in French are preceded or followed by a space. If it’s not a non-breaking space, those punctuation marks can end up orphaned. That raises a red flag to the French audience that one didn’t take the necessary care when building the content.

Rich text works for non-CMS fields, but gives content editors more space to introduce mistakes than would otherwise be necessary.


J’ai trouvé cela pour personnaliser un rich text : How to Webflow: Styling Rich Text Elements for Webflow CMS template pages - Tutorial (2019) - YouTube