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Inserting larger spaces in text or headings

Can breaking spaces larger than the standard single space be added between words in text and headings within the Webflow Designer? For example, how can I create a heading in the format “Heading Status,” with a breaking horizontal space of about three normal spaces between Heading and Status?

(While this can easily be done with nonbreaking spaces, these do not wrap properly when the viewport width is reduced, as on mobile devices.)

Hey there, welcome to the forums!

You could hold shift and space to add more space between the two words. Or you can highlight “Heading” and add a text span. Then style that text span to have some margin right for spacing.

Hopefully I understood your question correctly. Let me know if this helps, thanks!

Thanks, Mike, for these ideas. In my application, Shift + Space appears to produce a nonbreaking space, but I added a sequence of these nonbreaking spaces between the two words and then terminated the sequence with a breaking space, and the text appears to wrap well enough. (I didn’t try the text span idea, but that sounds like it might work similarly well.)