Ecommerce + User Area

Hello, I’m exploring the possibility of creating a website for a client in need of an e-commerce platform to sell photos and books. Additionally, they want to incorporate a section for “courses,” featuring videos organized by chapters. My understanding is that the latter can be achieved through User Accounts, correct?

The plan I should subscribe to is the e-commerce plan. Both the sale of an item from the store and the sale of a course (fixed price) will incur a 2% commission, along with the payment gateway fee.

Correct me if I’m wrong, thank you :slight_smile:

Please, can someone help me with this? :slight_smile:

Hey Jaime!

I just wanted to say that this sounds like a perfect fit for Memberstack.

You could set up the products as plans with a one-time purchase, and then you can attach them to a gated content group with the course pages/assets gated.

Here’s a template example of the kind of course pages you could make, but everything could be completely custom too. Happy to answer any questions you have :slight_smile:

Thanks @Julian_Galluzzo, I know you are a Community Project Developer at Memberstack :wink: I don’t want to use third-party programs,

That is correct :slight_smile: If native Webflow solutions work for your use case, then it’s a great way to go. If you find yourself limited by them, then definitely check out Memberstack!