Is it possible to make a button in a CMS?

Hi dear folks!
is it possible to make a button in a CMS?

My client would like to hava a button on one his CMS site - so that when you press onthe bottom inside the CMS site, you will be forwarded to another website, through that bottom.
Is it possible to do that in the CMS??
I know I can do it on a regular page that is not a CMS. But have no idea how to do it inside the CMS itself? Do I have to use a code to do that?
Can anyone help me??

Thank you so much!! (by the way I have to do it as soon as possible, so would be so happy if somebody could help me)

Hi @neanea6060, yes, this is possible.

When you create a CMS Collection, a template page will be created automatically. You can find this template page under CMS collection pages inside the Pages (P) panel. You can add a button on this page as you would on any other, non-CMS, page.

Let me know if this helps.

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Hi NeaNea,

CMS pages ( the purple ones ) have the same capabilities as regular pages ( the white ones ), so you can create buttons easily there.

I suspect that you might mean something a different, like the ability for your client to create a button through the client editor, e.g. when he/she is adding a blog entry, a product, or a press release.

If I’m right, the easiest way to do that is to create and wire that button directly on your CMS page, and then add some fields to your collection that allow your client to create the button when he/she wants it.

In your Collection-

  • In your collection, add a Button Name ( text ) field and a Button Link ( link ) field.
  • Pick a collection item, and give it a value for the button name and link.

In your Collection Page-

  • Add the button to your CMS page
  • Style and position it how you want, e.g. above or below the article content
  • Connect the text property to your Button Name
  • Make it an external link, and connect the link property to your Button Link
  • You’ll probably want to checkmark “open in new tab”
  • Now add a conditional visibility, the button should only appear if the Button Link is not empty

Now your client can add one button to his CMS entries whenever he wants, and name it and link it however he wants, and it will only appear when he’s using it.

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Sorry, I had forgotten that!! Great !! Thank you!!

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