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Add a unique button under a CMS class object

I have a class “Collection Item” which styles projects that I want to showcase. However, I want the link to the button to go to a different page for each “Collection Item”. Right now it is forcing me to choose from the CMS database but I just want to choose unique links within my site. How can I do this?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Justin_Chitla thanks for your post and welcome to the community.

I would recommend to check out the article on how to use Link Settings, see here: Link settings | Webflow University

When you place a link within a collection list there will be an option to link to individual items that appear in the collection list, so if you are showing individual projects in your collection list, you can link to those individual collection items.

I am not exactly clear how you wish to link to your projects, Would it be possible for you to help share some additional detail that will help the community to provide assistance?

Thanks in advance

Thanks for the quick response! I can see how to link over to the items in my collection list, but I don’t want to do this. I want to link to a different page on my site. So I have a “Collection List” and within a “Collection Item” there is a button that I want to go to another page on my site… However, it will force the same page for all buttons of the Collection List.

Hi @Justin_Chitla, one thing you might do is to create a link field in the collection that the list is bound to, then use that link as the source for the button, you can put whatever link you wish in the collection field for that item.

You can also maybe create a toggle switch and conditional visibility to show the button only for certain items.

Here is how to use the link field: Link field | Webflow University

Here is more about the switch Field: Switch field | Webflow University

Here is also how to use conditional visibility to show or hide the button on the page depending if the switch is on or off: Conditional visibility | Webflow University

Would that solution work for you?