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Here’s the situation:

We have a CMS collection as cards on our home page, with a “learn more” button. I would like to be able to link each “learn more” button to its respective full CMS page.

I know that I could do this if I create a URL field in the CMS collection, and reference the “learn more” button to that HOWEVER this is not an ideal solution for the following reason:

We have a couple of test urls that we are publishing to, so I’d like the “learn more” button to work for all.

For example, if we’re publishing to and, I would have to choose only one of those urls to publish to for testing, and then will need to go through and manually update everything in the end once the website is live.

I was able to get around this in our nav bar by adding a slug into the url field for the links (instead of adding I added /solutions) and that translates into all of our publishing links and does not require me to make any additional changes. The issue is that the CMS url field requires a https:// start so I have not been able to recreate for this case.

Unfortunately cannot share a link to the site as it is my company’s and not live yet… Please let me know if you need additional details or what other resource I can provide.

Thank you!



  1. Select the ‘Learn More’ button (presuming you are using an actual button element and not a div element representing a button).
  2. Open Link Settings.
  3. In Link Settings, choose Collection Page as the link type and link to ‘Current Page’. This will link to the CMS page no matter what URL you are using.
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Brilliant. So many thanks!!

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