Is it possible to have "next line" in plain text collection field?

I had like to use plain text instead of rich text but plain text doesn’t seems to allow “paragraph”. I wonder if “paragraph” would be made available in plain text field?

You can choose a plain text field to be single or multi line. Is that the functionality you are talking about?

Yes. I have chosen multi line but there isn’t paragraphing function even with multi line. I can’t even have long spacing…

Ah I see.

Yes the only way to generate paragraphs is with the rich text element. What is the reason you don’t want to use the Rich Text element?

I have used rich text in my old site and it is terrible to style. I need all the text to be the same style and it is easy to use class to style them. With rich text the style is depending on the individual collection items as well.

For example, I had trouble stopping the rich text elements to change colour when windows size change. I have tried resetting all the text in the rich text field to no style and have also removing all style in rich text fields classes and still couldn’t fix that problem. Checked all parent element just in case the higher class is doing it but couldn’t find any fault. Non of the other elements are doing it. Just rich text and only dynamic rich text…

hmm, that sounds like odd behaviour. I haven’t had a problem styling Rich Text elements.

Could you post a read only link to your project so I can have look?

The old site is here:

No worries on this though, I had since started a new site. Have problems with deleting collection fields as well on the old site and it was a limited reference field as well…

I have used webflow CMS Escape template to start my new site. It’s great and looking good. Emailed Webflow staff to help switching the custom domain. Hopefully it is ok.

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