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Can I customize paragraph individually in the rich text block?

Hey there,

I have a very general question regarding changing the style of paragraphs individually in a rich text block! For example, how do I change the style of the second paragraph of a rich text block without affected the first paragraph? Now it seems that I can only set one style for all the paragraph inside one rich text block?


You cannot do this, unfortunately.

I see, so in that case, would separate headings + paragraphs be the most efficient way?

Probably, or you could use multiple rich text elements with different classes.

got it! Thanks! :slight_smile: many thanks!

Can’t you just wrap each paragraph, or the paragraph in question, in a span field and then style this span accordingly using a set class?

The above option is not available in the CMS as you cannot add a span wrap around elements in the CMS editor.

That’s true and makes sense in coding! But sorry I’m a newbie to webflow…how do I modify the code while using the Designer feature? Or is there a element somewhere that I could drag in?

Hi @irishbuckley, at the moment it is possible to create a span within a Paragraph or Text Block, however it is not possible to wrap a paragraph or text block within a span.

Using spans in the Rich Text block or Rich Text field is not yet supported. here is an article on styling the rich text:

I hope this helps.

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