Inserting Text from a Collection into a paragraph (that won't allow links, text styling)

In a Collection List, I want to insert some text from a Collection into a paragraph component so Guest Editors can create links and make type bold or italic: normal things you can do with a paragraph component. But I have not found a way to do so.

There is no paragraph CMS Collection field type. So I can only choose between plain text and rich text. Plain text inserted into a paragraph component can’t be styled in these ways. After all, it is plain text. The dropdown menu to connect a Paragraph component to CMS fields does not include rich text fields. Which also makes sense, as rich text is richer than paragraph text.

Is there a workaround here?

FYI if you follow my link, go to the Beyond Waste home page and scroll to the bottom just above the header. There are two volunteer and two donate items. The first pair are being pulled from a Collection. The second pair are not. The paragraph fields in the bottom two have a pop-up editing menu. The ones at the top do not.

Here is my public share link: [LINK](Webflow - Climate Action Evanston)
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