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Editing date fields in the editor

Hi all,

I’m hoping to create a site that acts as a social media content calendar for a client. Ideally I would like them to be able to edit the date field in the editor (rather than via the CMS). Is this possible? I might be missing something.

Here’s my preview link

The page I am referring to is under Implement --> Content Calendar --> Draft

Thanks for your help.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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What do you mean by ‘Editor’ vs ‘CMS’ (Editor)? Aren’t those two the same, or did you mean something else?

Hi Sam,

I am talking about the inline / on page editor as opposed to editing through the ‘backend’ CMS… Does that make sense?


Inline (on-page/wysiwyg text editing) is only available for non-CMS elements. For CMS stuff, you have to use the Designer CMS Editor or Collaborator Editor panels.

The in-line editor seems to work for the following CMS elements:

  • images
  • rich text
  • plain text

but not for:

  • dates
  • numbers
  • lists
  • reference fields
  • boolean fields


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