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Is it possible to create Tumblr-style link posts?

I’d like my blog post titles to be links, but with the title of the post being linked to (like a Tumblr link post). Is this possible with Webflow?

Hi @dougmckown

Can you please share a read-only link of your project?

So you want those titles to be linked to the blog posts instead of the whole container?

I want the title/header of my blog post to link to the blog post I’m linking to, rather than my own blog posts. My client doesn’t write his own blog posts, he just links to others’ posts. That’s okay, but it would be nice if the title of our post linked directly to the other blog/news site’s post.

Hi @dougmckown

You can do this by adding a link field to your collection list. Then, you would have to link your post heading to this field so it’ll take whatever link you put in your collection item.

But then the header would appear as a link rather than the title of the post being linked to. I’d like to have it display a post title, but actually be a link. Right now, the H2 title of a post is being pulled from the Name field of the collection item.

Change the text block for a text link, get link from the link collection field and get text from blog post title.

I’m confused. The H2 can pull either name field data or the link field data. How do I display one (the name field data), but have it behave like it’s connected to the the other (the link field data)?


Here’s a quick video:

  1. You need to change the blog posts item container to a normal div instead of a link block.
  2. Add a text link, give it the same classes as the H1
  3. Delete the h1
  4. On the new text link, select Get link from Link to postand Get text from name

Hope this helps!

That’s awesome! Thank you! :grinning:

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Just signed up for Loom, wow what a service. So simple to use, love it. Thanks :grinning:

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