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How do I add a link from Collection

Under our team pages, under their name and profile picture I would like to add a link that says “Meet Your Doula” and it be a link to the blog post related to them (which the link is in the collections under each of their names, also each link is different) Any guidance? TIA

Here is my site Read-Only:

Follow this guide Collection list | Webflow University

Unfortunately that didn’t help. But thank you.

Where are you having the issue exactly?

I am trying to add text that says “Meet Your Doula” under their name on the team page. That text will be a link to a blog post related to that team member. I figured out how to add text and a link but it makes all the links the same. The text can be the same, but the links are different for each team member.

Isn’t this what you are trying to do?

Yes, correct. But is there a way to change the text? Because this is what it looks like when published.

Select the field you want to use for text the same way as you select the field for the URL.

When I do that it completely disappears.

Can you be more specific? I added the name and each item had the corresponding name set with no issue.

Is that what you are referring to? I don’t want to double their name. Ideally I would like it to say “Meet Your Doula” and that be a link they click on. Is it something I need to change in the collection portion?