Webflow Won't Let Me Make a CMS Heading Into a Link

I want to be able to add a link like you do normally where you double click a part of text and you can make it a link, bold etc. I cannot do that with a heading that is using CMS blog post name — which means I cannot add my link underline to a blog post heading. What can I do? The only thing I just can’t figure out how to do after days…

What I want:

What I don’t want:

You’ll need to add a link block where the heading resides. Then place the H1 heading inside of it. Apply all of the H1 type styling to the link block (editing the text styles on the block, not the H1)

In your CMS collection, you’ll have a “plain text” field that binds to the H1.
You’ll have a “link” field that binds to the link block