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Is this possible in CMS?


I have been playing around the Webflow CMS today using a simple blog layout. My question is, is there a way of instead of having each post go to a page, have it go to a different URL for each post? More like a links directory, so it would show an image that I set for each post and a little text under the image, but then just random URLS, not ones the CMS generates? I think this might be a strange request :-/

Just to be clear, I don’t want post pages, just headlines to posts on the front page that link to external sites.

Yes! Absolutely!
So you can easily do this by making the entire blog card a link. Then for one of the CMS field inputs choose a link field and then add whatever link you want. And you can set those links to open in new tabs. So easy. Just because the CMS generates new pages for each item doesn’t mean you have to use them!

Let me know if this helps and if you need me to elaborate more. :slight_smile:

No, I can’t seem to get my head around it. I’m testing on this free Webflow template:

:slight_smile: Thank you for the help.

I will make a video and show you! Give me a few minutes!

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:grin: Thank you so much!

So I made a cloneable project you can use too.
Clone it HERE

And here is the video I promised you. It’s pretty long because I actually built it from scratch so you can follow along, I hope this helps you out!

Watch video HERE.

Cheers my friend!

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Thank you so much. I will have a play with it today. That looks like exactly what I was after :slight_smile:

No worries, it’s my pleasure! :grin: