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Is it possible to create a user-authenticated pages based on info from outside API?

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m here looking to find out if something is possible using Webflow.
I have a Webflow blog, and a separate web application made using Angular, where users can log in, and more importantly, some users are “premium”.

I’m trying to find out if I could create a page on my Webflow that is user-restricted - but with a catch: only premium users from that other platform could access it.

Meaning that a user would need to login on the Webflow-made blog, and based on their user info from a private API, would be able (or nor) to see a specific page, kinda like having two layers of restriction (Being logged in AND being a premium user on a separate web application).

After searching for a few hours, I’m fairly convinced this isn’t possible, but I suppose this is the best place to make sure.

So, is this possible?