Can I share Webflow's login status with a separate javascript application

Users can log into my site using Webflow’s membership feautre.

I would like to use this login function to also log users into a separate js application which I will host on the same domain. The app can live either in a custom code i-frame inside of a webflow page or it’s own page off Webflow.

What I want to achieve is to change the app’s behaviour depending on whether the user is a) logged in and b) Is on a paid membership.

Is this possible or should I just go for Memberstack?

Bonus point: Can the app also access basic custom info stored in the Webflow Member’s User Account.

(I guess this is the reverse of this question - Show logged in status on Webflow site of back-end Angular application)

Yes it’s possible, but it’s not natively supported and involves some custom build work.

I do this using a reverse proxy to get all of the current user info, custom fields and access groups, which I share to my externally integrated systems. You won’t get “subscription” info, but you can infer that from the access groups.

Overall it’s very slick but requires a bit of an initial build, cost is roughly equivalent to a year of Memberstack, but no monthly costs.

Unless you’re under severe financial constraints or have already made a heavy investment in setting up User Accounts, I’d investigate Memberstack or possibly Wized to see what sort of SSO support they can offer to your external system. The monthly cost is worth the support team, courses, cloneables, and community.

But if you’re interested in just straight up extending UA into your app, drop me a message and we can discuss.

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