Is it possible to create a personalised patient dashboard to display health results?

I am hoping to create a website which contains a patient portal where they can log in and we can display their specific health information (e.g. blood results). I hope to present this data in graphs and charts. I also hope to allow them to track how these results may change over time and look at their older results.

Before I go and spend hours properly learning the tech I just wanted to check if this would be doable with: Webflow + Zapier + MemberStack + Airtable.

Does anyone know of any more specific tech that could be useful here or any case studies/examples of similar applications?

Really appreciate the help!

IMHO, Webflow is not a solution suitable for the type of app your project requires. Healthcare apps typically require HIPPA Compliance. You could explore as a more suitable option. If you would like to discuss it just let me know.

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How does outsystems compare to

Thanks Jeff I will check out outsystems. I assume it is possible to build a landing page with webflow and link to a .app page built with outsystems?