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Make a appointment

I am building a website for a doctor and he would like to be able to schedule appointments through the website, which system do I use for this, where the client can see the available times and enter their information?

I suggest you investigate solutions listed on the integrations page of the university

I personally use

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So you are going to build the thing that processes patients’ confidential information for a medical doctor, and ask us which system you should use?

Also, depending on the laws in your country or state, your doctor may not be allowed to request, process or store this information on a public service such as Webflow’s AWS buckets.

A former classmate of mine here in the Netherlands worked at one of the software vendors that are allowed to build applications which touch and process general medical data. The security requirements were strict and they were required to report what data they process and where/how that was stored and secured.

Not saying it is that strict everywhere in the world, but I suggest you look into this.

And don’t take this the wrong way, but it does not bode well in terms of security, regulations and privacy if you have to ask how it should be made. This might seem like an overreaction to you or some others, but the consequences are there and they are real. In the US a breach of client privilege could even get the doctor’s medical license suspended or revoked on state or federal grounds.

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