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Is it possible to create a Cname record for subdomain on Webflow for my website?


New to Webflow. I wish to run from webflow and the subdomain from Smugmug.

At the moment, I am pointing the nameservers to the hosting service from the registrar account, and the sub-domain is being pointed to smugmug via a Cname record from my hosting service. Unfortunately my registrar doesn’t permit me to do that from my account with them.

Will it be possible for me to this from Webflow if i host the domain here?


Hi Everyone,

Could someone please help me with this?


Hi Suums,

To to Smugmug you need to be able to set a cname record to it from your registar.
For using webflow with custom domain you need to be able to set atleast 2 A records and for subdomain you need Cname records.

Most registars provide service to do this if yours is not supporting it it might be worth transfering your domain to one that does.
(on the right a list of registars that can be used with webflow)

Hi Joscreative,

Was able to figure it out. I basically had to create the DNS records at the old Hosting Service. Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to shift to another registrar who offered this service.

Everything Works now.


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