How to offer registration for in-person classes that cost money?


My organization offers paid educational classes mostly in-person at different locations around the state. We’re moving our entire site to Webflow and we need users to be able to register/purchase a spot at these classes.

My initial thought was utilizing Webflow’s native e-commerce platform and treating the products as “events” aka these education classes. People fill out a custom registration form on each dynamic CMS page and pay using Stripe. Each class already has it’s date, time and location, so users aren’t choosing dates. Will this work?

I’d like to display our feature classes as a CMS collection on our homepage and then users can click “view class” and they’ll go to the dynamic CMS page. We need a URL for each class offering so we can market each one in our email marketing.

We also offer a special price for members of our organization for each class. I thought we could have members log in to Webflow with the new memberships platform and receive the discounted price.

What’s the best way to accomplish all this?

Thank you!