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Is it possible to build a food pickup service on webflow?

Hi all.

I’m making a website for a fruit & vegetable distributor in Hilo to promote social distance shopping. I want an order form with a cost calculator that users fill out and can send to the owner with a submit button.

Please let me know any solutions you know of or any workarounds you recommend.

I am open to suggestions.

Thank you!

So just a form, no online payment by the sound of it? A dedicated form platform will be the go. But really, I’d setup an ecommerce store with pickup option to finalise the deal and further reduce contact at pickup. Obviously it has to then work in with the walk in shop sales / systems. Webflow ecom can handle in store pickup. Lacks customer accounts etc - in which case you could plug in Foxy or snipcart.

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In my opinion yes. I have one site with this solution for a local resturant in Sweden,

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Thank you so much for your recommendations. I think that you are right, a dedicated form platform like TypeForm would be the best. The only issue is that this store has 28 unique items, so a form is really non-UX friendly.

I am trying to convince the owner to set up an ecommerce store, but he is quite old and non-tech saavy. I think his head would explode if I were to introduce him to online payment with Stripe.

Thanks again! I’m going to at both of your recommendations, including Foxy/Snipcart

Hello @Tyler_Nishida,

You should try the shopify buy button option. It is the cheapest option by far at only 9$ per month and you can integrate it with webflow through dynamic cms fields. Good Luck.


Hey, that works! Well done! Did you do that with a plugin or custom code? It’s in a different language but it’s functional and that’s all I’m asking for

It’s in Swedish. It’s pure webflow no custom code it was built in a few days.

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