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E-Commerce Restaurant Take Away

Hi everyone,

So I wanna build a Website for my family’s restaurant. They want to offer a Take-Away option for their food. I have read on the Webflow E-Commerce site that it’s already possible to offer Take-Away/Pickup as a delivery option at checkout.

Now, is that true? Do I need a separate Plugin/Service to do so? I really wanna make this work without an extra tool.

Thank for listening :slight_smile:

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you could just set up a price range on the postage that allows for click and collect or takeaway and just make it free.

They purchase the meal. then it’s down to them to come over.

I set up a clothing site for a military unit and had that as one of the options. due to covid they had to limit shop times and how many in the shop at any one time. that way soldiers can now walk to the shop and just pick up there apparel.

If you need a hand on how to set up then just let me know.