Is it not possible to create a CMS to get them in alphabetical order when you publish the page?

Isn’t possible to create a CMS “Name” in alphabetical order, I mean when you publish the site (which now has 17 posts, please see here: Minnivers sum PDF)?- It will be an incredible amount of work if I have to redo every post only because they want all the records to be in alphabetical order. And I have to put approx. 40 post more post in this CMS - It’s just so much work if everything has to be redone only because of alphabetical order.
Can anyone guide me?

Thank you so much!!

The setting is on your cms list.
Fist example on the Webflow University page:

Thank you so much!!!
I found a video of this. And this solve my issue!
Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It works well with the alphabetical order :smile:

  • but if several names have same kind of name, but have different numbers after the name, then it doesn’t sort the numbers correctly after the name.
    See what I mean here with the attached image. You see that this name: Jóhs. 8,36 is the first, and Jóhs. 3,17 number two and so on …
    The correct would start with: Jóhs. 3:16 then Jóhs. 3,17, Jóhs. 6,37, Jóhs. 8,12, Jóhs. 8,36 and last Jóhs. 30,31. (I hope you see what I mean)

You are sorting the list on name, as a string. Your numbers get sorted as part of that string so you probably won’t get the order you’re looking for.

To do that you’ll need to either explicitly sort by giving everything a number and sorting on that, or you’ll need to break your sort key into parts. I’m seeing 7 parts glancing at your examples above, e.g.;

1. Johs br. 1:7b would be;

  • Book num, string - 1
  • Book name, string - Johs
  • Book sub-part, string - br
  • Chapter, number - 1
  • Verse, number - 7
  • Verse part, string - b

And your collection list sort order might be;

  • Book name, ascending
  • Book num, ascending
  • Book sub-part, ascending
  • Chapter, ascending
  • Verse, ascending
  • Verse part, ascending

Thanks a lot @memetican :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  • Ugh, - it seems so incredibly difficult? I can’t figure this out at all??
    These are Bible verses for Sunday school work (Sunday school teachers), - Bible verses for children (memory verses), - - and I will make many of those verses. It would just be smart if everything was in alphabetical order, and then numbering order (i.e. if we take John 3:16, then John 3:17 comes and so on) .
    Would it help if you got my link?

It might be enough to add one extra field to your collection. Keep your original field for the for the book name only. Then create a second field for the rest of the info, starting with chapter number. You’ll keep the book name sort order alphabetical and then add a second sort order targeting the chapter field, set it to numerical.

My guess is that if you do this it will get you most of what you’re after, but as memetican states, unless you break all parts into separate fields, some items are going to look out of order.

Yeah that’s why you have to split them into different text and number parts to get the sort behavior you are hoping for.

As strings, John 10:3 would sort before John 3:10, because in strings 1 comes before 3.
That’s not what you want, so you you need a numeric field for the chapter, and a numeric field for the verse, separately from the book name. And as you’ve shown above, there are a lot more parts in there too.

But this is good, because eventually you might want a feature like “show me everything in John 3” and this approach lets you find that correctly.

Thank you so much @Port_of_Folio and @memetican !!
I will try , and let you know if it works for me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: