How to build a alphabethic list like wikipedia?

Im trying to build a CMS page where i have a list of words under each letter in the alphabet. Currently i add the letter manualy in my page, but i have a collection with all letters so my words under the letter is related to a spesific letter and then i filter down to only show words based on a letter.

Because of the limitation on 20 collections on a page im not able to add the last 9 letters so im a bit stuck.

Im guesing there could be another way of doing this, but im not getting any idea my self, so maybe someone here has an idea to solve this?

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Could you put all the words in one collection and filter the cms items by letter there?

Hey Kim, this is kind of an unusual use case so I think I’d personally build it using script.
If you’re familiar with js, this might be the easiest approach;

  • Two CMS collections - one for your letter-groupings, one for your words. That way you can add a sortkey and sort your letters specially if you need to for e.g. special initial characters ( Spanish letters, German umlauts, etc. )
  • Two collection lists - first one is bound to your letter-groupings, and displays your letter heading, plus a DIV or CSS-GRID inner element to contain the words
  • Second collection list is your words. This one is tricky, because, if you’re over 100 words, you’ll have pagination issues. You may need to de-paginate it with script, or you may want to keep pagination intact, and just do the groupings per-page.
  • Script iterates through the words, and moves those elements into the matching container.

Note if you sort your words alphabetically, pagination should work fine, because it will makes sense… Page 1 might be A’s and B’s, then page 2 is B’s C’s and D’s. Page 3 is more D’s, E’s… etc. However make sure to scan for empty groups and delete them, so you don’t end up with a bunch of empty letter groupings.