True Alphabetic Sort Order in CMS Collections

I need to sort my collection items in alphabetical order. The problem ist now that some items start with a lowercase letter. As a result, all items with uppercase letter are displayed first, followed by all items with a lowercase letter.

Does anyone know a solution?

Hi Livia, I haven’t tried it but I’d recommend first trying Finsweet’s CMS Sort. It may have a case-insensitive algorithm for sorting and you should be able to set an initial default sort ( plus allow reversing it, etc. if you want ).

if that doesn’t work, Javascript is your best bet however you’ll likely run into issues there if you list is over 100 items. JS can only sort what it can access. FS Sort is better here since it will work with FS Load if needed to access additional pages.

Failing that, your only option is to add a sort field, where you have e.g. an all-lowercase version of your title and sort on that. Not ideal obviously as it requires a lot of manual work or else automations to continually update it on a new / changed CMS item trigger.