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Webflow Performance at an all time low

I’ll, as most do, start by saying I am, and have been a fan of Webflow for a couple years.

So much so I pushed the company I work for to use this tool heavily in our product design. My CTO has been forcing our product development teams to change our process to include Webflow export as a starting block. Not just prototyping.

That being said in the recently the performance has plummeted and glitches and issues have increased.

In the last few months I have experienced (and continue to right up to this evening) the following:

The designer has become unbearably laggy to the point where:

  • Preview no longer functions
  • Pages don’t switch when using the page list.
  • Links randomly function and don’t function in preview mode.
  • Designer just freezes altogether

Cleaning unused styles in longer reliable. I had to open a case to which I was given a work-around for the specific case, however, I am not about to CRTL-S every page in my projects with 50+ pages to ensure they are removed. I am exporting Webflow and handing it over to our engineers where a select few will find any excuse to find a flaw in Webflow and drag it through the mud. This one was embarrassing.

Links in the Preview mode randomly stop navigating to the intended page but rather open a Webflow branded 404 page. I have reload the designer and it generally works. I have an unresolved support ticket open for that as well.

Site constantly alerts me about another instance open and forces me to reset. I, on occasion, will have a second tab open with Webflow to ensure I am styling things correctly as you don’t support the global styles (yet). This didn’t happen before and sucks big time. Sometimes I have no clue why it’s giving me this alert as I only have one instance open.

NEW - This evening I was continuously (EVERY 20 SECONDS) kicked out stating " I am no longer signed in". I had make a quick update so I was forced to endure this annoyance, and yes it was extremely annoying.

There are also other small glitches but I’m done typing.

I would really hate to put my tail between my legs and abandon Webflow after being such a proponent and getting it integrated as far as it has been with our product design.

FYI - those previously mentioned engineers are slipping typos in where they can and call you “Weblow”.

Matt G


This is sad, because I have been working to do this at my company as well, and I thought those issues were just me.
Webflow! Please! We want to be your fans!

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I’ve also experienced some of the slowness issues in designer and I’m wondering how the team will respond. Love those guys and I’m sure they have a plan. :wink:

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Unfortunately I have to add to this that I have experienced same problems with every project I have worked on in webflow so far (compared to others who commented I’m relatively new user -about a year) after several hours of work webflow bogs down and becomes unusable. Sometimes restarting a browser helps but there were times I had to stop and wait till next day. I noticed that this usually happens at night I’m on PAST time…

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Hi @Matt_g firstly, thank you very much for your detailed feedback and post.

I’ll be following up personally with each of the issues you’ve reported here and want you to know that we’ve already assembled a dedicated Stabilization team to work on both resolving existing bugs/issues as well as a dedicated Performance team to speed up the Designer and Editor experience.

We’ve felt and seen the latency on our end and are actively working to make Webflow the best product possible and resolve these issues. It’s feedback and reports like yours that help us to make product improvements and perform bug fixes.

Thank you again so much for your patience and understanding, and for your invaluable feedback. I’ll follow up here with more information as soon as possible.


Sounds good - I look forward to hearing from you and seeing these issues disappear.

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Waldo thank you for prompt answer and follow up!

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Another to add to the list. Today I am having to wait minutes to see a published update reflected in my .io site. I also think it maybe affecting the export content as well but I haven’t confirmed.

This last example is at 6m and counting still not updated in the .io. The panel should not be showing in front of the top blue menu. As you can see the designer is fixed and was update 4m ago (6min now) and yet the .io site is still not updated.

Given how unreliable the preview mode has been I have been relying on the .io site - now that seems to be useless.

Death of a 1000 cuts…


I’ve experienced all of these except the “no longer signed in” thing.

Add me as well concerning issues in the Designer.

Webflow Engineers to the rescue!

I’ll add my name to the list of users experiencing all these issues.

Additionally, I have gotten pop-up notifications saying something to the effect that
"this session is not being saved as it is out of date and a newer version of the site exists."
It alludes to another account or user having worked on it, which cannot be true. i am the only user/designer.

Anyhow, the slowness, the shifting of size and position of elements, tremendous lag, and the inability to use preview in any reliable way are killing the workflow.

Thanks for listening.

  • Derek

Agreed. I too have been a proud user of Webflow for a while now, however, lately I’ve noticed an increasing number of bugs—some new, some recent.

Apologies if I repeat what’s already been stated above.

  • The designer freezing
  • The double session error
  • Preview function not working (or needing to refresh the page in order for it to work)
  • Collection content not switching when you change pages
  • Not publishing updated collection pages (within the last 24 hrs)
  • Not been able to copy and paste collections (within the 24 hrs)
  • A warning message saying I have unsaved interactions (within the 24 hrs)

Let’s hope we some fixes soon.

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Experiencing the same issues tonight. Made in next to impossible to get any work done.

Specifically, designer not responding to changes. I would add a content section to website and it not show up, etc. Preview not showing changes. Live site not showing changes.

Hope this gets fixed very soon!


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Hi all, i reported lags on interactions panel few days ago. If i have more than 10 classes in one interaction, every click lagging. It is possible to do interactions, but little bit annoying :frowning:

Hey @webflow, if it helps, today alone I’ve experienced the following problems:

  1. 4-5 error pop ups every time I paste any written text into a CMS Rich Text field
  2. Double session logout, when only in one window
  3. CMS content not changing when switching between pages in the Designer
  4. Canvas completely greying out and requiring a refresh, which clears any unsaved work
  5. Pasting some elements / DIVs within Designer results in a “clipboard empty” error.

Some of these have happened a few times before this, while others are quite recent.

Hopefully these get fixed soon,

Started to get the double session logout just now. 3 times in the last hour so far.


Just experienced a new one:

We noticed you don’t have any interactions to save. Would you like to save this site without interactions?

Clicking accept keeps crashing my site :-C

This is the only issue I have noticed as of a few days ago. Generally the designer is still responsive for me.

I’ve just had to search for this issue as I’m starting to get a bit cheesed off with the designer and I’m kind of glad it’s not just me. :weary:
(I have a lot of love for Webflow 99.9% of the time. Except for today.)

Issues I have: (I’ve had to stop work today because of them)

  • Designer won’t let me select an element. I have to refresh the page then lose the last thing I did. Mouse hover shows the element, but when I click it doesn’t select it and the bounding box disappears.
  • “Something went wrong” pop up box, 10-15 times in a row.
  • Preview not working sometimes, have to refresh the designer.
  • Links in the preview open up a Webflow 404 rather than going to the page in the Preview mode

I’m using Safari and Chrome both the latest versions in Sierra on a Mac.

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perhaps related to what’s describe in the video seen here