Multiple domains and landing pages in one Webflow project. Possible?

I’m in talks with a potential client who wants a ‘family’ of websites that I will build in Webflow. They have five domains that represent five different TV shows they produce. ie:,,, etc.

I would like to build ONE site in Webflow for ease of management. I would have the home page be a portal site, then site folders representing each domain. ie: A subfolder named “NY” for

My question: Can I build and host ONE webflow site with folder subdirectories, then have each domain point to those respective folders? The domains need to show up in the browser as masked domains. ie:, not or

The styling across all these sites needs to be identical so I would rather manage ONE Webflow project with subdirectories representing each domain, instead of trying to manage identical styling across 5 separate Webflow projects.

Is this possible with Webflow?

These sites aren’t built yet so I don’t have a read-only link to share yet.